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Court Reporting Shell Game

Paone & Associates Court Reporting brings the above quote to its daily operations. In a field where much is expected, we welcome the opportunity to prove we can provide a level of service that our competitors only make claims about.


  • Does your reporting service turn transcripts around in 7 days or less?
  • Does your reporting service adhere to all NJ Regulations as to transcript formatting, or are they bloating transcripts through margin manipulation?
  • Does your reporting service only utilize Certified reporters?
  • Would you know how to check whether they do?
  • Does your reporting service supply “extra” services you never asked for to pad their bills?

You would not hire an attorney who hadn’t passed the Bar; neither would you utilize a Doctor who failed the medical boards. Why would you accept a reporting service without requiring the same level of professionalism?

Paone & Associates handle all forms of civil litigation and our reputation in the field of Construction Defect is well known by attorneys and other Court reporting firms. We are often called upon to handle all depositions on a particular matter, even when non-client law firms are the noticing party. Our reporters have vast experience in this area, are familiar with the terminology, and turn each transcript out BEFORE the next-scheduled deposition.

We often get referrals from other reporting firms who feel they cannot adequately handle these types of large cases but have a client they don’t want to disappoint.
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